Navigating The Tech Scene with 10 Top IT Companies In Bangalore

Bangalore is a city that always stands out in India regarding innovation, technology and entrepreneurial spirit, making it the Silicon Valley of the country. With every year passing by, Bangalore is establishing a solid reputation as the nation's IT hub. Nestled in the southern part of India, this city is a bustling metropolis turning into a global technology powerhouse. From well-established IT giants redefining the digital landscape to startups with groundbreaking ideas, this city is home to a vibrant ecosystem of IT companies, making it attractive for tech enthusiasts to learn about the top IT companies in Bangalore.

From being the Garden City Of India to becoming the Silicon Valley Of India, Bangalore has come a long way and has shown a meteoric rise in the tech world. The city houses several startups, multinational corporations and research institutions, making it a global hub for innovation and IT. It has a supportive environment, allowing these IT companies to progress rapidly. Additionally, these companies are transforming the city's skyline and making significant contributions to revolutionising the world of technology. 

This blog post by the Home4us team is an insight into the IT landscape of Banglore. It is a must-read post for all the tech enthusiasts, job seekers and business leaders looking for potential collaborations. Reading below will introduce you to the top 10  IT companies in Bangalore. After briefing about the leading IT companies, this blog will also list the residential localities near the popular IT hubs of the city. 

Top 10 IT companies in Bangalore

Bangalore is home to several IT companies ranging from startup IT companies in Bangalore to well-established firms. Some of the leading companies are listed below. 

Summary table- Top 10 IT companies in Bangalore

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Western Indian Products Limited, WIPRO, is headquartered in Sarjapur, Bangalore. Founded and established by Mohamed Hashim Premji in 1945, WIPRO is a multinational IT servicing and consulting company. In 1945, WIPRO was established in Maharashtra as Western India Vegetable Products Limited. Presently, this IT giant has combined various tools like SPSS and SAS with statistical and mathematical methods to offer helpful insights into a business's varying aspects that help determine customer behaviour. One of the many areas where WIPRO is acing is business applications. The company offers businesses several progressive and advanced digital solutions to enhance their customers' experience. WIPRO offers various job opportunities yearly, making it one of the best IT companies in Bangalore for freshers.


IBM is next on the list of the top 10 IT companies in Bangalore. The International Business Machines Corporation, IBM, is a well-established IT company headquartered in New York. It has been operating for the past century. IBM serves in around 170 countries, with India included in this list of countries. Regarding top IT companies in Bangalore, leaving IBM behind is not an option. It produces and sells computer hardware, software and middleware. In addition to this, the company also offers consulting and hosting services in varying areas like nanotechnology and mainframe computers. Professionals prefer to work at IBM due to its stable work environment, allowing employees to maintain an appropriate work-life balance. However, the company has some strict HR policies that are compulsory for the employees. Currently, IBM India is operating under the leadership of Sandip Patel.

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Another name in this list is the largest IT company in Bangalore- Infosys. It has around 2,43,454 employees and is still continuously growing. Infosys is one of the leading IT employers in data analytics, IT software, IoT and AI. Narayana Murthy established Infosys in 1981 in Pune with a capital investment of 250 dollars. This big giant was shifted to Bangalore from Pune in 1983. It was the same year the company got their first client- Data Basics Corporation, New York. Today, Infosys has come a long way and is investing 250 million dollars in Indian startups. Operating as Infosys Finacle, this brand is revolutionising banks' operations by providing them with proper support and help. Additionally, the company offers IT-enabled business services to provide business solutions in varying domains. 


Bangalore also has several branches of one of the oldest multinational companies in India- TCS. It is a consulting and IT services company headquartered in Mumbai. TCS has offices in several cities in India. Under the leadership of Rajesh Gopinathan, this company has become a global leader in the IT services domain. One of the main reasons this company is among the top IT companies in Bangalore is that it offers work flexibility to its employees. The work flexibility allows employees to maintain a work-life balance, making TCS a preferred employer among professionals. TCS employees also say the company has a warm and welcoming work environment that encourages them to perform their best. The service lines of TCS include business process outsourcing, industrial and engineering services, application development and maintenance, AI and automation. 

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Accenture, one of the largest IT consulting companies, has offices all over Bangalore. This leading IT company has its headquarters in Ireland and is working under the leadership of its CEO, David P. Roland. It is a global professional services company with leading security, cloud and digital capabilities. Accenture provides technology strategy, business strategy and operations strategy services. The company also has a consulting branch that offers consulting services in business, technology and management. Another branch is Accenture Interactive, which provides analytics, digital marketing and mobility services. The company also has a technological branch focusing on technology implementation, software, research and development, and delivery. Accenture is serving clients in more than 120 countries. 

Oracle The world's most prominent database technology and software company, Oracle, also has its offices in Bangalore. Reports suggest that Oracle is the third-largest software company in terms of revenue. Such a high reputation of this IT company makes it a preferred name among the professionals looking to excel in their IT careers. Oracle has around ten offices in Bangalore, offering several job opportunities yearly. Some areas where its offices are in the city include CV Raman Nagar, Whitefield, Bannerghatta Road, Outer Ring Road and Marathahalli. Although Oracle follows a lengthy hiring process, it all becomes worth it when one gets in due to the fantastic opportunities offered. It is one of the most popular IT companies in Bangalore for freshers, offering several options and exposure for career growth. Also Read - 7 Best Real Estate Websites in India

Cognizant is an American Multinational Corporation well-known for offering reliable information technology services. This reputed company has its headquarters in New Jersey and four offices in Bangalore. The avant-garde services of Cognizant have made it one of the top IT leaders in India. It serves in the services domains of information security, information technology, consulting, BPO and ITO. These domains include AI, data warehousing, and customer relationship management. IT infrastructure services, application development and maintenance, technology and business consulting, business intelligence, analytics, systems integration and digital engineering. In Bangalore, Cognizant is well-known among professionals for its modern offices. 
Another IT company on this list is Capgemini. Originating from France, Capgemini has its headquarters in Paris. It is one of the oldest consulting and technology firms in the world. Established in 1964, Capgemini has around ten offices all over India, including Bangalore. Out of the ten offices in India, six of them are located in Bangalore. It is a famous IT company among freshers to give a kickstart to their IT career. This company serves in the domain of cybersecurity, digital and business services. 
Mindtree is next on the list of top 10 IT companies in Bangalore. This company has its headquarters in New Jersey and Bangalore. It is an Indian multinational IT and outsourcing company. Mindtree has 43 offices in 17 different countries with a team of over 20 thousand employees. As the company has its headquarters in Bangalore, it has a massive presence in the city. Mindtree was established in 1999 by ten IT professionals and has come a long way over the years. Currently, the company is headed by Rostow Ravanan. One of the many reasons professionals choose this company to ace their IT career is its role-based certification framework, an added advantage for the employees. 

Cisco Founded in 1984, Cisco is another leading IT company in Bangalore. Currently, Cisco has become a leading telecommunications and networking hardware company. Cisco has pioneered a Local Area Network (LAN) to connect computers over the multiprotocol router system. Bangalore houses seven offices of Cisco. The company's services and products focus on three market segments- service provider, enterprise, midsize and small business. Cisco offers various IT services and products, including Data centre, IoT, Security, Networking and Collaboration. 

As you have gone through the top 10 IT companies in Bangalore, read the next section of this blog to learn about the residential localities near the IT hubs in Bangalore. 

Residential localities near top IT companies in Bangalore

Living in Bangalore and working in the top IT companies is the dream of numerous IT professionals. The IT hub of India has the perfect opportunities for individuals in this sector. If you have a job in an IT company in Bangalore, prepare to progress in your professional life. However, even after getting a job in your dream company, one crucial thing must be done to ensure you live a comfortable life in the city. Yes, we are referring to finding a home for yourself. Several residential societies are located near the IT hubs of Bangalore, making them perfect to reside in if you work in an IT company. Below are some areas where you can buy or rent a place if you work in one of the top IT companies in Bangalore.


Basavanagudi is a residential area in the city that offers the old Bangalore charm. It is a preferred locality as it houses several eateries, markets and parks. Another reason IT professionals look for a home here is that it is well-connected to other parts of the city.

Indira Nagar

Indira Nagar is another residential area in Bangalore that is well-connected to numerous IT companies in the city. It is a residential as well as commercial space. The Bommanahalli metro station makes travelling to IT offices from Indira Nagar convenient.


Another residential area in Bangalore with the old city charm is Banashankari. It is one of the largest areas in Bangalore and is highly preferred by IT professionals due to its vicinity to the top IT companies in Bangalore. Banashankari has readily available facilities like educational institutions and shopping complexes. 


Next on the list of residential areas well connected to IT companies in the city is Hebbal. It is the most preferred locality for people who wish to live in the outskirts. The Hebbal flyover connects this area to several IT companies. It has a rich infrastructure offering a comfortable living.


Koramangala is an upscale residential neighbourhood offering numerous posh apartments. It is well connected to the Electronic City, Hosur Road, Airport Road and Intermediate Ring Road. Hence, Koramangala is well-connected to IT companies in the city. 


Jayanagar is next on the list, well connected to other residential areas like JP Nagar, Basavanagudi, Banashankari 2nd stage, and BTM Layout. It is close to significant commercial destinations in the city, making it ideal for IT professionals. 


Next on the list of residential areas offering high connectivity to top IT companies in Bangalore is Marathahalli. The Outer Ring Road conveniently connects it to Whitefield and Electronic City IT companies. It is a self-sufficient locality with several hospitals, schools, colleges and shopping complexes. 


Another name is Ulsoor, one of the city's oldest residential areas. Public transport like cabs, buses and rickshaws connect it to other city parts. The reasonable property rates are a primary reason that attracts individuals to live here. 


Malleswaram is one of the oldest residential areas of Bangalore. It is connected to the city by two roads- Sampige Road and Margosa Road. These roads make this neighbourhood well connected to the different parts of the city. In addition to its connectivity, its greenery makes it ideal for living. 


Whitefield is a posh residential area of the city where numerous IT professionals reside due to its proximity to top IT companies. It is a crucial point on a highway that connects Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad.

To sum up

The IT hub of India, Bangalore, has offices and headquarters of the top IT companies. These top IT companies in Bangalore offer several job opportunities, attracting professionals from all over the country. However, even after getting their dream job, these individuals face a common challenge. Yes, housing is what we are referring to. Fortunately, several residential areas are well-connected to the top IT companies, offering the perfect residential options to these professionals whether they wish to buy or rent a place. If you are one of these individuals, visit Home4us' online platform to find the best property near your workplace based on your specific needs. Also Read 
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