Gajanan Royal Bungalows
Gajanan Royal Bungalows

Price Range: Starting from ₹ 76 Lac

  • 3/4 BHK Bedroom
  • July 2025 Possession

Ratnam Aurum
Ratnam Aurum

Price Range: Starting from ₹ 71 Lac

  • 3 BHK Bedroom
  • December 2024 Possession

Aarya Essenzaa 2
Aarya Essenzaa 2

Price Range: starting at ₹ 85 L

  • 5 BHK Bedroom
  • June 2025 Possession

Ahmedabad, the largest city of Gujarat, is emerging as a hotspot in India for real estate investment. Known for its rich culture and history, the city is also valued for its economic significance. It has a robust economic growth, attracting people from all around the country. With its business and industrial hub in India, Ahmedabad offers steady job opportunities and economic prosperity. Such factors lead to an increased influx of individuals. Eventually increasing the demand for residential and commercial property in Ahmedabad

One of the top eight metro cities in India, Ahmedabad, is a well planned city with a flawless infrastructure. Another factor making it a real estate hotspot is its connectivity to other major parts of the city. The expanding network of roads and rails is offering high connectivity. Such aspects and several more make Ahmedabad a convenient and accessible place to work and live resulting in an increased number of interested buyers and investors. 

From already developed and well-established neighbourhoods and business hubs to the upcoming ones, this city has no dearth of real estate options. Unlike known to many, it has both options when it comes to real estate- affordable as well as premium. Ahmedabad’s growing IT sector is just one reason for this. It also has a thriving real estate landscape due to the extensive tourist footfall every year as it has been recognised as a World Heritage City by UNESCO. Therefore, it is one of those cities of our country that attracts both investors and end users to invest in its real estate world. 

Which area is best to live in Ahmedabad?

If you are looking forward to living in Ahmedabad, you get several options. From bungalows to high-rise buildings offering luxurious amenities like sports courts and swimming pools. Luxurious amenities does not mean that Ahmedabad’s real estate is only for people with a large budget. The city also has numerous affordable options. Below are some of the most appreciated residential localities of Ahmedabad.

Satellite City

One of the most appreciated and well-developed localities of this city is the Satellite City. It has numerous famous business parks, hospitals and shopping malls making it a preferred locality that provides all luxuries a residents expect from city life. The average cost for owning a home is between INR 6,800 to INR 10,700 per square foot. 

CG Road, Navrangpura

People looking for luxurious properties in Ahmedabad often get attracted to VG Road as it is one of the most expensive and exclusive neighbourhoods of the city. Here, both the residential and commercial real estate landscape is booming. The average price range here is between INR 3,300 to INR 5,000 per square foot. 


Another posh area in the largest city of Gujarat is Thaltej. Offering properties between INR 7,500 and INR 12,300 per square foot, Thaltej is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is surrounded with greenery to offer a tranquil living space to the residents. Situated away from the city centre does not mean it is not connected to the major parts. SG Highway and SP Ring Road connect it to major parts. 

Why should you buy property in Ahmedabad?

Is it worth investing in Ahmedabad? Yes, it definitely is. Compared to other metro cities in India like Mumbai and Delhi, Ahmedabad is much more spacious and has less hustle and bustle while still offering the modern living conditions. Some of the most convincing reasons to invest in homes, commercial properties or flats in Ahmedabad are listed below.

Connectivity with state’s capital

Ahmedabad is conveniently connected with Gandhinagar, Gujarat’s capital. Smooth roads and highways between the two cities connect them to offer convenient commutes. Additionally, the city connectivity to junctions like Zydus Hospital and Janata Nagar has also been enhanced due to the elevated corridor between Gota Flyover and the Science City Flyover.

Diverse real estate

Real estate Ahmedabad is quite diverse. It is a combination of affordable flats, bungalows, villas, and luxurious high-rise buildings. Ahmedabad has numerous secure and habitable residential and commercial areas offering all the amenities like hospitals, schools and shopping malls.

Rapidly developing

Ahmedabad is one of the fastest developing cities in India. From its business sector to education, development is at its peak in this city. Additionally, its metro routes are also developing, enhancing the city’s connectivity. 

Is it worth investing in Ahmedabad?

While investing in a commercial property or home in Ahmedabad, a question commonly comes to one’s mind if it is worth the investment. The rapid development of the city is leading to offering great returns on property investments. Below are some of the many reasons making Ahmedabad one of the most preferred cities for real estate investments. 

A blend of cultural beauty and modernity

Ahmedabad offers a perfect blend of cultural heritage and modern convenience. It possesses abundant growth potential that takes forward its cultural beauty while offering the modern amenities to the residents. 

Commercial growth

Ahmedabad is not just about its culture and heritage. It is also developing into a business hub with establishment of various IT firms and industrialisation. 

Developed infrastructure

From metro developments to roads and expressways, the city’s rapidly evolving infrastructure is immensely contributing towards enhancing property rates in Ahmedabad. The flawless water and electricity supply make this city one of the best ones to live or work in. 

What is the average price of an Ahmedabad property?

Based on several factors like location, amenities and infrastructure, the average property price varies for varying localities in Ahmedabad. However, if we take an approximate bracket, the average price can be anywhere between INR 2000 to INR 10000 per square foot to buy a villa or 2 BHK flat in Ahmedabad

Is Ahmedabad good to settle?

Undoubtedly, Ahmedabad is one of the great cities to settle. Its infrastructure and rapid development in all the sectors makes it the perfect place. Whether you are a professional looking to settle in an urban city or a small family, Gujarat’s largest city has numerous things to offer and help you build your dream life. It has some of the most reputed schools and colleges for quality education and rapidly developing industries and corporate world making it easier to settle. In addition to this, this city has all the amenities like healthcare available easily. 

Which type of flats are in demand in Ahmedabad?

Although the city’s real estate landscape is pretty diverse offering numerous options including flats and villas, there are certain kinds of apartments in high demand. 3 BHK flats in Ahmedabad are the most in demand as people are continuously looking forward to building a luxurious life for themselves in this beautiful city. These flats are located in lavish societies that offer all the basic as well as luxurious amenities to offer elegant living spaces along with comfort. 

Residential Ahmedabad property on Home4us

As one of the most trusted real estate websites, Home4us lists some of the best residential properties in Ahmedabad. From villas and bungalows to 1 BHK flat in Ahmedabad, our website is your go-to-platform to find your next home or investment opportunity in this city. 

S. No. 

Property Name



Vivaan Essence

Zundal, Ahmedabad North

INR 49.92

Vivaan Essence

Starting from a price range of INR 48.3 Lakhs, Vivaan Essence by the Vivaan Group is a thoughtfully planned residential project in Zundal. One of the first goals of the builders with this project is to offer the people of Ahmedabad a comfortable living environment. Launched in march 2023, this project spreads over an area of 2973 square metres. It is a three-tower project offering 2 BHK flats. Apartments in Vivaan Essence will be available for occupation in July 2026. Some of the many amenities offered in this project include piped gas, security, lift, retail shops and reserved parking. 

Why choose Home4us? 

Making a perfect real estate investment involves numerous factors to be checked and fulfilled. From verifying the certifications of the projects to the builder’s reliability, several checkpoints must get ticked before deciding if a property is worth your investment. It is no different when you are looking for an investment opportunity in Ahmedabad’s real estate market. But, Home4us makes it easier for you by doing the hard work. We present to you only the best projects from trusted builders to ensure you make the right choice. So, when you are looking to buy a home or commercial property in Ahmedabad, Home4us is just the website you need to visit.