Live Life Elite Style: 10 Most Posh Areas In Bangalore

The modern lifestyle of the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, attracts numerous to make a living here. But what are the top posh areas in Bangalore where the elite of this city reside? As one of the most developed cities in the country, Bangalore is home to numerous families. The city blends technology and culture, forming an environment perfect for modern living. Although each corner of this extravagant city is excellent for buying or renting a home, certain localities are best for people looking for a luxurious abode. 

Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, has always been celebrated for its vibrant culture. However, through the years of advancements, the city has bloomed as the IT capital of the country due to its thriving IT sector. The tech parks and pleasant weather make it one of the best places to succeed in career while living a high-quality life. Advancements in the IT sector of Bangalore have resulted in inviting several working professionals to work here. These individuals come from different parts of the country and search for a perfect place to call home while they build their careers. Hence, the city's increased population is increasing the demands in the real estate market continuously. People here constantly search for apartments and villas to buy or rent. These demands are being satisfied by several reputed developers offering some of the best residential projects.

The lack of residential projects has never been a problem in Bangalore. But, the people of this city or those planning to migrate often get confused about the best locality for their homes. Addressing this confusion, the Home4us team is here with an exclusive blog post for every Bangalore resident looking forward to their next home in the most posh areas of this city. This post will take the readers on an exploration of the prestigious localities of Bangalore, which are the perfect ones to choose for living an elite life. So, continue reading below to unveil these luxurious areas.

Unleashing Opportunities: Investment Prospects in posh areas of Bangalore

People all across India, especially the ones in the IT and education sector, wish to build an extravagant life in the IT capital of India, Bangalore. Its constant development and population rise have brought a boom to its real estate market. Like always, people here have varying needs when buying or renting a residential place. However, one of the most common requirements here is that individuals need a posh areas in Bangalore to live. To give a rest to the ultimate search for a luxurious locality in this city, below is a list of the top ten such areas.

Summary Table: Top ten Posh Areas in Bangalore

S. No. 

10 Posh Areas in Bangalore - Locality Name


Indira Nagar


Rajaji Nagar

HSR Layout







Basavanagudi is one of the first names mentioned whenever talking about the posh localities in Bangalore. Situated in Southern Bangalore, it is an old city locality famous among individuals looking for an elite area. The parks with ancient trees, favourite eateries and bustling markets make Basavanagudi a renowned locality. 

One can find some of the most luxurious apartments and villas in Basavanagudi at an average price of INR 10600 per square foot.

Key features

  • Public transport conveniently connects this locality with other parts of the city. 

  • It has numerous temples like Karanji Anjaneya Temple and Dodda Ganeshana Gudi Temple. 

  • It is located near renowned tech parks like Global Tech Park, Enzyme Tech Park, Brigade Software Tech Park and Kalyani Magnum IT Tech Park.

  • Basavanagudi is surrounded by lush greenery, making it a positive area to live in. 

Indira Nagar

Another posh residential and commercial locality in Bangalore is Indira Nagar. It is a high-end neighbourhood located in the eastern part of the city. One of the most remarkable features of this area is its connectivity to other significant parts like Ulsoor and Koramangala. When one looks for an area with luxurious flats in Bangalore, Indira Nagar is a name sure to pop up. 

With excellent connectivity and numerous cafes, educational institutes, pubs and stores, Indira Nagar has become a preferred location for luxury living in India's Silicon Valley. It offers residential properties at an average cost of INR 11250 per square foot. 

Key features

  • It is one of the most luxurious and developed areas with several commercial and residential complexes. 

  • It is in proximity to the Brigade and MG road. 

  • Indira Nagar is well-connected to other parts of the city and has excellent metro connectivity. 

  • This locality houses several reputed schools and hospitals. 


Next on the list of the most posh areas in Bangalore is Sadashivanagar. The developed neighbourhood attracts numerous homebuyers to buy residential property here due to its impeccable connectivity with the international airport and some major IT parks. Several actors and politicians have homes in this affluent area. 

A homebuyer can get a residential property in Sadashivanagar at an average price of INR 18000.

Key Features

  • It is well connected to Sankey Road and CV Raman Road.

  • This locality is near Bangalore City Railway Station and Malleshwaram Railway Station. 

  • Private buses and metro trains connect it with other significant city areas, like Sanjay Nagar and Rajaji Nagar. 

  • It is a well-developed area with several multiplexes, restaurants and shopping malls. 

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Rajaji Nagar

Rajaji Nagar is a Bangalore posh area offering excellent facilities to its residents. It is appreciated for its thriving markets, educational institutions and temples. This area is also known for its connectivity through public transport to other parts of the city. Being close to Malleswaram, Rajaji Nagar is an attractive locality for working professionals having their offices in Malleswaram. 

INR 14000 per square foot is the average property price in Rajaji Nagar. 

Key features

  • It houses some of the most high-end commercial, industrial and residential projects. 

  • Rajaji Nagar is well-appreciated for its connectivity through the Namma metro and Bangalore City Railway Station. 

  • It is in proximity to other significant neighbourhoods like Malleswaram and Mahalakshmipuram. 

  • Commuting to any part of Bangalore is quite convenient for this area by switching buses at the Majestic station. 

HSR Layout

Unlike others in this list, HSR is a newly developed locality of Bangalore. However, it has emerged as one of the most expensive areas in the city. Located in southeast Bangalore, this locality has experienced a sharp rise in the residential real estate landscape. One of the significant reasons for this rise is its proximity to Hosur Road, Koramangala and some considerable business sectors. 

This posh areas in Bangalore offers residential properties at an average price of INR 7000 per square foot.

Key features

  • Divided into seven sectors, HSR layout is one of the most well-planned localities in the city. 

  • The Bangalore City Railway Station offers excellent connectivity. 

  • It has several public parks and other amenities like wide internal roads and shopping malls. 

  • The Hosur Road and ORR connect it seamlessly with the Electronic City. 


Perfect for single families looking for luxurious residential options, Jayanagar is another name in this list of posh areas in Bangalore. This upscale locality is located in the Southern part of the city and offers some of the most high-end multi-storey apartments. The Outer Ring Road, Kanakpura Road and Bannerghatta Road connect Jayanagar to the rest of the city. 

People looking for a residential property in Jayanagar can get an average price of INR 11500 per square foot. 

Key features

  • In addition to upscale residential properties, Jayanagar is famous for offering its residents the most reliable retail and social amenities. 

  • It is near major educational institutions like Christ University and IIM Bangalore. 

  • Jayanagar is well connected to other parts of the city through different roads. 

  • The Yellow line of Namma Metro further boosts its connectivity. 


The next name on this list is Koramangala, a high-end neighbourhood offering outstanding social infrastructure. This area houses numerous enterprises and is well-connected to the rest of the city. Being a popular posh areas in Bangalore, Koramangala houses several luxurious apartments and villas for young working professionals. 

The average price of owning a residential property in Koramangala is INR 11600 per square foot.

Key features

  • It has a renowned social infrastructure that connects seamlessly to other significant parts of the city. 

  • It has widespread connectivity due to the Immediate Ring Road, Outer Ring Road, Sarjapur Road and Hosur Road. 

  • Koramangala is a significant employment hub connected to other business centres like the Electronic City. 

  • Some popular retail projects in this area are Total Mall and Market Square. 


In this list by our real estate website, another name of a luxurious locality in Bangalore is Malleswaram. This area, housing low-rise ancestral houses and high-end apartments is located northwest of the city. It is named after the famous Kaadu Malleswara Temple. Malleswaram has charmed several reputed film industry individuals with its heritage to own a home here. 

Malleswaram offers residential properties at an average of INR 11600 per square foot. 

Key features

  • It has public buses readily available, making it easier to commute to other parts of the city from Malleswaram. 

  • The roads in this area are well-constructed. 

  • It has a bustling nightlife. 

  • Malleswaram is in proximity to the Bangalore Hospital. 


Individuals looking for a high-end yet peaceful locality in Bangalore must check out Ulsoor. It is one of the most popular neighbourhoods in the city, offering several attractive residential options for homebuyers. It is connected to other parts of the city through one of the most significant roads of the city- MG Road. 

The average price of a property in Ulsoor is INR 14000 per square foot.

Key features

  • It houses some of the most reputed hospitals, schools and shopping malls. 

  • It is located at a five-minute walk from the MG Road. 

  • Ulsoor has several parks and banks in its proximity. 

  • Indiranagar Metro Station and Halasuru Metro Station make it convenient to commute from this area. 


Bellandur is a Bangalore posh area in the southeast part of the city. It is located near the Sarjapur, ORR and Iblur Junction. It is a popular residential neighbourhood with several ongoing and completed residential projects offering the most luxurious apartments. The Iblur junction connects this locality to other significant ones like HAL and Koramangala. 

Properties in Bellandur are offered at an average price of INR 8000. 

Key features

  • In addition to being an affluent residential locality, it is also emerging as a technological hub. 

  • Bellandur is well connected to some of the busiest IT hubs like Whitefield, Electronic City and ORR. 

  • It has some of the best schools, shopping malls and hospitals. 

  • Working professionals having offices in tech parks like Prestige Tech Park and Divyasree Technopolis prefer to own a home here as it is located near these parks. 


Searching for the best locality in which to own a home has never been easy. This search becomes much more challenging when looking for a city as developed and busy as Bangalore. The Home4us team understands this dilemma well and has tried its best to narrow the search for individuals looking for posh areas in Bangalore with the above list. However, knowing the localities is not enough. But, one need not worry as our team is here to assist them. In addition to unveiling the most luxurious localities, we list the best projects to check out in Bangalore for luxury living on our website.

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