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Several individuals dream of owning and living in the most expensive house in India. Although this dream might not come true for everyone, mere reading about such homes can give a feeling of luxury. In India, the real estate world is quite diverse, with homes ranging from affordable to the most luxurious ones owned by the country's elites. It has some of the most elite homes in the world that exude luxury at every corner. These homes know no bounds regarding luxury, and each corner is a testament to sophistication and grandeur. 

The most expensive homes in India are not just about their looks and luxury. Instead, they are a combination of elegance and comfort. Their architecture and interiors are designed to offer the residents a comfortable living environment that complements their lifestyle and class. These homes are not just roofs and walls. They are a testament to stature in society, taste and success that redefine luxury. 

Reading and knowing about these homes is amusing to many. Several individuals are curious to know about these homes. If you are one of such admirers, continue reading this post. The Home4us team has prepared this post to address this curiosity by introducing you to the top 10 most expensive houses in India

Top 10 Most Expensive Houses in India

India is a diverse country with diversity in all its corners. Everything in this country has varying forms, from food to population and from culture to language. This diversity is also seen in the country's real estate landscape. Every house in this country has a unique identity, and some elite houses outstand all others with their design and other features. Below listed are the top 10 such homes in India. 

Summary Table- Most Expensive Houses in India

S. No. 

House Name


JK House




Jatia House

Ratan Tata’s Retirement Home

Jindal House

Lincoln’s House



The most expensive house in India is Antilia, owned by Reliance Industries' owner, Mukesh Ambani. It is a 27-floor house spread over a land area of 1.120 acres. Antilia not only tops the list of expensive homes in India but also has one of the top spots in the list of most luxurious houses worldwide. This elegant abode is located on Altamount Road, one of Mumbai's most expensive roads. 

Antilia is designed by renowned Chicago-based architect Will and Perkins. It has three helipads along with nine high-speed elevators. The house also has a movie theatre, salon, gym, ice cream parlour etc. It has multi-floor parking for the lavish car collection of the Ambani's and a huge swimming pool. In addition to the lifestyle features, Antilia also has some practical features like it is made to survive an earthquake up to 8 magnitudes on a Richter scale. Every floor in this house is designed uniquely. The cost of this lavish residence is estimated to be between INR 6000 crores and INR 12000 crores.

JK House

The chairman of Raymond Group, Gautam Singhania, owns JK House- one of the top 10 most expensive houses in India. It is the second tallest building in India, located on Altamount Road in Mumbai. The estimated cost of JK House is INR 6,000 crores. This 30-storey and 145-metre private residential building has five-floor reserved parking and two swimming pools. 

JK House also has a helipad, gym, spa, and other facilities. Its upper floors are divided into separate residential units to ensure privacy for each member. The house also has spacious gardens and terraces to offer a peaceful living environment for each unit. The designer has designed this house with separate residential units to provide the residents with an optimum balance of solitude and togetherness.


With an estimated value of INR 200 crores, the next name of this list is the beautiful abode of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan. Mannat is spread over 27,000 square feet in Bandra, Mumbai. It faces the Arabian Sea, offering a fascinating view. This modern bungalow has a personal auditorium, library, multiple bedrooms, gym and other lavish facilities. It is a six-storey home designed by Kaif Faquih and Gauri Khan. 

The interiors of Mannat are designed with many antiques and other pieces picked from some of the most popular high-end stores. The different floors of this house are conveniently connected by elevators. It has two living rooms designed with paintings by famous artists like M.F. Hussain. Mannat has an entire floor dedicated to entertainment that consists of a private bar, kids' playroom and entertainment centres.  Also Read - Posh Areas in Mumbai


Another costliest house in India is Abode. Owned by Anil Ambani, it is a 70-metre-high home spread over an area of 16,000 square feet. The estimated cost of this house is around INR 5,000 crores. It is also located in Mumbai. The Abode has a helipad and is located in Pali Hill. It is a 17-storey building. Before moving to Antilia, Mukesh Ambani resided here with his family. 

Abode's grand entrance is designed beautifully. It is designed with glass windows that allow maximum natural light to fall over the white interiors of this lavish house. This house has several seven-star hotel amenities like a swimming pool, gym and spa. Also Read - Tallest Buildings in Hyderabad


Jalsa is another house to be included in this list, owned by Amitabh Bachchan. It is located in the Juhu region of Mumbai. The estimated cost of Big B's abode is INR 120 crores. The name of this house was Mansa earlier, which was changed later to Jalsa on the recommendations of an astrologer. Jalsa is spread over a land area of 10,123 square feet. It is a double-storeyed house gifted to Amitabh Bachchan by Ramesh Sippy, a famous Bollywood director, on completing the film shooting of 'Satte Pe Satta'.  

Several actors think of Jalsa as a temple. The house is so big that some movies were shot in it. Every day, several individuals visit to look at this house's exterior beauty and hope to get a glimpse of the superstar. Jalsa has a front porch, huge chandeliers, a beautiful garden, plush rugs, and much more that make it so special. 

Jatia House

Another expensive house in India is the Jatia House, located in Malabar Hill of Mumbai. The Chairman of Aditya Birla Group, KM Birla, owns it. This lavish house is spread over 30,000 square feet and is estimated to cost around INR 425 crores. Jatia House has 20 bedrooms, a small pond, a courtyard and lush green gardens, creating a comfortable living space. This sea-facing mansion is so big that it can host around 500 to 700 people. 

One of the many appreciable features of this house is its finest quality marble that provides a unique look. Jatia House has airy bedrooms, massive corridors and auditoriums made from marble. 

Ratan Tata's Retirement Home

Located in Colaba, Mumbai, Ratan Tata's Retirement Home is another name in this list of the top 10 most expensive houses in India. The famous industrialist Ratan Tata owns this house, which is over 13,350 square feet. Its cost is estimated to be INR 150 crores. The house faces the Arabian Sea, offering a mesmerising view. It is a 7-storey house with a sun deck, in-house gym, media room and huge parking space. 

The sun deck of this house can accommodate 50 people. This all-white bungalow has a parking space for more than 12 cars. The second floor of this mansion consists of a bar, infinity pool and barbeque zone. Also Read - Different Types Of Houses In India

Jindal House

Moving forward in this list, we come across the house of famous industrialist and politician Sajjan Jindal. His abode, Jindal House, is located in the heart of Delhi. It is an architectural marvel spread over a land area of 3 acres. The cost of this luxurious home is estimated to be between INR 120 crores and INR 150 crores. This home is located in the greenest region of the country's capital, Lutyens Bungalow Zone of Delhi. 

Jindal House is known to be a true masterpiece, and one of the many contributing factors to its allure is its grand entrance. The house is also appreciated for its spacious interiors. It has the perfect blend of peace and convenience to offer the residents a balanced living environment with a touch of natural surroundings. 

Lincoln's House

Another costliest house in India is the abode of Cyrus Poonawalla- Lincoln's House. This luxurious home is located in the Breach Crady neighbourhood of Mumbai. It is spread over 2 acres, and its estimated cost is around INR 750 crores. The Maharaja of Wankaner earlier owned this house. Then it was sold to the US Government in 1957 to be used as a Consulate House. In 2015, this mansion was bought by the Chairman of Serum Institute. 

The luxurious abode of Poonawalla is a Grade III heritage property which can be redeveloped to be used as a heritage site. However, the Billionaire's family chooses to use it as their home. 


Owned by Anand Piramal and Isha Ambani, Gulita is another most expensive house in India. The owners bought this house in 2015 and renovated it to suit their lifestyle and preferences. They got occupancy certificates in 2018. The beautiful home faces the Arabian Sea, offering the residents a magnificent ocean view. Ajay Piramal and Swati Piramal, parents of Anand Piramal, gifted the house to their son and daughter-in-law as a wedding present. 

Gulita is located in Worli, Mumbai. It is spread over 5,00,000 square feet and has five floors. The cost of this lavish home is estimated to be INR 450 crores. It was constructed by a London-based engineering firm, Eckersley O'Callaghan.

Wrapping up

To conclude this post, we would like to add that India is a country with a dotting real estate landscape consisting of some of the most magnificent homes. These homes define extravagance and luxury while providing a comfortable living environment to the residents. The most luxurious houses in India are a testament to modern aesthetics and cutting-edge design. They are more than just structures; they allow their owners to live an opulent lifestyle. We hope the above post on India's top 10 most expensive houses in India must have satisfied your curiosity about the country's elite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns India's most expensive house?

The most expensive house in India is Antilia, owned by the famous industrialist Mukesh Ambani. It is a 27-storey house located in Mumbai. 

Where is the richest house in India?

The richest or most expensive house in India is Antilia, located in the most elite region of Mumbai, Altamount Road. 

Which is no. 1 expensive house in the world?

Buckingham Palace is the most expensive house in the world, located in Westminster, London. It is the palace of the British Royal family. Also Read - Most Posh Areas in Pune | Top Architects in India | Different Types of Windows for Home | Upvc vs Aluminium Windows | Cheapest Areas in Mumbai

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