Gurukul Heights
Gurukul Heights

Price Range: Starting from ₹ 85 Lac

  • 2/3 BHK Bedroom
  • December 2023 Possession

Solaris Joka
Solaris Joka

Price Range: starting at ₹ 26 L

  • 1/2/3 BHK Bedroom
  • December 2027 Possession

DTC Sojon
DTC Sojon

Price Range: starting at ₹ 45L

  • 2/3 BHK Bedroom
  • December 2026 Possession

Siddha Happyville
Siddha Happyville

Price Range: ₹ 43.13L - 79.52L

  • 2/3 BHK Bedroom
  • May 2022 Possession

Explore the Finest Flats in Kolkata for Sale On Home4us

Rapid growth is a term highly appreciated in the real estate world, and the Kolkata property market is experiencing it well. Formerly known as Calcutta, the capital of West Bengal is one of the most populous cities in India. Its rich culture and rapid development have attracted numerous individuals and small families to shift to this beautiful city and live their dream lives. From education to employment opportunities, Kolkata has everything to offer that a person looks for to build a successful life, making it a renowned financial hub and commercial centre. As this city is observing expeditious development in all its sectors, the real estate market is not left behind. With its ever-increasing population, the demands in the real estate market are also increasing. 

In addition to the development of Kolkata, another reason contributing to the evolution of its real estate landscape is its tourism sector. Located on the east bank of the Hooghly River, this city attracts numerous tourists every year worldwide. It is home to various tourist destinations like Dakshineshwar Kali Temple, Howrah Bridge, historical colleges and heritage hotels. The dense tourism also significantly contributes to boosting the real estate market of the cultural capital of India, Kolkata. 

The rapid development of the City of Joy makes its real estate world one of the most investment-worthy. People in the city continuously look forward to buying a home for themselves here. To satisfy such demands of villas and flats in Kolkata, the city offers numerous options to every buyer based on their specific budget. Several researches suggest that property prices have undergone an appreciable spike here in the last few years. 

What are the Prime Locations to Buy a Flats in Kolkata?

Kolkata is a city with diverse living options. From affordable to posh areas, the city offers something suitable for everyone regarding real estate. Below are some of the prime locations of Kolkata. These localities are the most preferred ones in the city for owning commercial properties, villas and flats in Kolkata


One of the first popular neighbourhoods in Kolkata is Bhawanipur. It is an upscale locality in the south of AJC Bose Road. Several celebrities, business people, rich immigrants and big corporations own properties here. Its connectivity with the major parts of the city through metro stations is one of its most attractive factors. This locality has diverse properties, including bungalows, independent houses and high-rise apartments. 


If you are looking for a high-end villa or flat for sale in Kolkata, Tollygunge is a must-check locality for you. It is a posh area in the south region of the city. Some of the most popular Bengali film industry celebrities live here. It combines independent houses and multi-storey apartments, offering a luxurious lifestyle. ITC Sangeet Research Academy, Tollygunge Golf Club and Royal Calcutta Golf Club are major attractions in this area.

Salt Lake

Another prominent locality in Kolkata is Salt Lake or Bidhannagar. Working professionals looking for flats in Kolkata must consider this locality as it is one of the most significant IT hubs of the city. It is a well-developed neighbourhood offering excellent retail and social facilities.


With an average property price of INR 5800 per square foot, Joka is one of the most appreciated areas in Kolkata to buy a house. It offers all the facilities needed for modern living. In addition to providing all the amenities, this locality is also appreciated for its connectivity and infrastructural developments. 

New Town

New Town is your go-to destination if you are looking for a 1 or 2 BHK flat in Kolkata. This area is rapidly developing under the Smart City Mission. New Tow is well connected to other significant city regions, making it easier for the residents to commute.

Is it Profitable to Buy Flats in Kolkata?

Known for its affordable real estate market, buying a flat or house in Kolkata is highly profitable. Several reasons make purchasing properties in this city worthy of end use and investment, from developed infrastructure to readily available amenities. Some of the most significant of these reasons are listed below. 


All across India, Kolkata is renowned for its affordable real estate market compared to other metro cities. The property prices in this city are relatively lower, making them attractive for people even with a limited budget. 

Evolving infrastructure

One of the most crucial factors people look for in a city while investing in real estate is its infrastructure, and Kolkata aces this factor. Its infrastructure is continuously growing. Several factors contribute to the rapid development of the city’s infrastructure, from expanding metro lines to enhancing road connectivity.

Steady rental income

Even if you are not buying property in Kolkata for your use and only for investment, the steady rental income will make it profitable. Real estate experts suggest that if a person buys flats in Kolkata, they can earn high returns by leasing them. 

Which area is the cheapest to buy an apartment in Kolkata?

Although all areas in Kolkata are known for offering affordable real estate options, certain localities provide the most low-priced ones. However, even after being affordable, these areas offer all the amenities to give the residents a high-quality life. Some of these neighbourhoods are listed below with an average price for owning a 2 BHK flat. 

  • Barasat- The price range for a 2 BHK flat in this area is between INR 11 lakhs and INR 25 lakhs. 

  • Baguihati- A 2 BHK flat in this locality ranges between INR 16 lakhs to INR 25 lakhs. 

  • Madhyamgram- INR 20 lakhs to INR 25 lakhs is the price range for buying a 2 BHK flat here. 

  • Kestopur- One can own a 2 BHK flat between INR 18 lakhs and INR 25 lakhs. 

What is the average cost of an flat in Kolkata?

One, the average Kolkata flat price is quite affordable compared to other metro cities. It houses several neighbourhoods that offer the cheapest apartments. However, there are also certain localities where one can buy high-end luxurious apartments. The average price range for a flat in this city is INR 25 lakhs to INR 70 lakhs. 

Which are the rich residential areas in Kolkata?

In addition to affordable residential areas and rapid development, Kolkata boasts some of the most posh regions that offer modern living conditions with a touch of its culture. These areas include- 

  • Alipore- The average property price in this area is INR 10,176 per square foot. 

  • Bhawanipur- It offers properties at an average price of INR 9,772 per square foot. 

  • Park Street- The average property price in this area is INR 13,628 per square foot.  

  • Salt Lake- It offers properties at an average price of INR 7,609 per square foot. 

Flats for sale in Kolkata at Home4us

Making your search for a perfect home is the job of Home4us, and we do it in the best way. To ensure you the best real estate options, we present residential and commercial properties from trusted real estate companies on our website. If you are looking for one in Kolkata, below are the projects you can explore on our website.


S NoProperty In KolkataAreasKolkata Flat Price
1Siddha Happyville
Starting from 43.13 Lac INR
2DTC Sojon
Starting from 45 Lac INR
3Gurukul Heights
 Action Area 2
Starting from 85 Lac INR
4Chitrakut Heights Phase 2
New TownStarting from 54 Lac INR
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