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10 Vibrant Living Room Colour Combination to Spruce it Up

Building your home is no kid’s play. From finances to the decor of your house, you have to look after numerous responsibilities. But do you know that deciding on the interior of your house can be as challenging as it is to find or build your dream house? Yes, choosing the interiors of your home involves numerous intricacies that impact the functionality and ambience of each space. So, it can be quite overwhelming to make the right choice. Also, the most difficult decisions to make are for the living room of your place. It is the heart of your home that will not only reflect you but also all the other family members living with you. A living room is the central space of a home for entertainment, relaxation and social gatherings. Therefore, the combination of interior and living room colour will reflect your style and influence the overall energy and mood of your home. 

Colours play an essential role in enhancing the interiors and mood of a space. They hold the power to alter the perceptions of spaces and evoke emotions while creating a sense of harmony. A living room is a space where families spend a significant amount of time together. It is also the room in your house where your guests are entertained. Therefore, choosing the colour combination for living room is more than just about aesthetics. It is about choosing the right colour combination to make your space feel more cosy, spacious, vibrant and tranquil. 

Choosing the right living room colour combination is the most difficult due to its multifaceted purpose. Unlike your kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms, living rooms do not have a specific function. It is a versatile space that must accommodate varying moods and activities. From peaceful evenings for reading to lively conversations with friends and family, this room has a multipurpose nature. Therefore, the colour scheme of this space must be flexible and equally appealing for a wide range of functions and tastes. 

The Home4us team understands your will to do everything right for your dream home. We also understand your dilemma in choosing the best living room colour combination. So, we have come up with this exclusive post that will introduce you to the best colour combinations for your living room. Start reading below and get ready to spruce up your living room.

10 Vibrant Living Room Colour Combination

The colour combination for your living room must be a balancing combination, adding the right amount of balance and spice to your space. 

Off White+ Navy+ Wood Tones

If you are looking for a sophisticated foundation for your living room, this combination is meant for you. The variations of off-white are perfect to create such a look. This combination will make your living room primarily a neutral space. However, the small doses of textures and colours added throughout the room will enhance its interesting factor. But what about the wood tones? Where will these tones appear in this living room? Wood can be an accent on open shelves and furniture. You can throw in some navy pillows over your simple linen sofa to add character to your room.

Olive Green+ Cream+ Black

Another combination is olive green, cream and black. It is the perfect mix of shades pulled from nature. You must choose this colour scheme if you wish your living room to have a relaxing appeal. This colour combination can make use of several shades of green on the room’s mantel, pillows, and accent chair. However, remember to keep the effect subtle and organic. The walls of this room will be cream and complement the yellow undertones of the greens. Hints of black added to this combination will add a bit of sophistication.

Burnt Orange + Grassy Green + Pastels

If you wish to bring your living room to life, choose this combination of exuberant colours. For this combination, start with two main colours and then add in the third one via fabrics and accessories. This cheery living room can have grass-green furniture and window treatments with orange accents to create an eclectic look. You can use pastel shades for your patterned upholstery and pillows to add a unique character to the room.

Turquoise+ Cool Gray+ Brights

Yet another appealing combination is turquoise, cool grey and brights. By brights, we mean the bright shades with warmer tones. Turquoise will add its share through a standard fare for the coastal colour scheme. This brilliant living room can perfectly blend turquoise with hints of yellow and hot pink. Such colours will give a playful look to your room inspired by the sea. You can add subtle beachy accents to your room without sacrificing its sophistication like a seahorse table lamp. 

Cloud Gray+ Mustard+ Linen

Ever thought of a colour combination for the living room that can bridge the gap between different styles? This one can exactly do this for you. The muted neutrals in this living room and refined furnishings lean traditional. On the other hand, you can add a checked ottoman and a farmed buffalo art print to add a touch of rustic style to the room. Add mustard yellow accents to the room for warmth and keep the colour scheme from falling flat. Neutrals like brown, navy, white, blue and grey will work together great in this combination.

Cream and White+ Muted Blue+ Bright Pink

The combination of white and cream enhances the stunning characteristics of bright pink in this colour combination. Do not use all white in this combination, as it might make your room look childish. It must be perfectly balanced with cream. You can achieve this balance by keeping the walls white and the upholstery cream. The right colours will pull off bright pink. Now, add some blue patterned pillows to the room to tone down the dainty appeal of pink.

Cerulean Blue + Soft Red + Khaki

Choosing a bold colour combination for your living room can be risky. However, it pays off well when you choose the right combination. Balancing a vibrant colour with neutrals is the key to success in this combination. You can keep the walls, ceilings and trim in cerulean Blue. To this, it is a mid-tone khaki shade with a leather sofa and ottoman. Also, add soft red accents to provide additional contrast. 

Sunny Yellow+ Blue+ Eggplant

A sunny yellow shade can create a bright and happy living room for you. So, you must opt for this colour scheme if you wish to have such a living room. You can paint the walls yellow in this living room to instantly lift your space. Now, you must prevent yellow from overtaking your room. Therefore, add some cooler tones like purple or Blue to it. This will create a contrast and balance. You can add purple velvet chairs with a blue upholstered sofa. Also, add some multi-coloured pillows and artwork to the room to make it look cheerful. 

Navy+ Taupe+ Sailcloth White

In this colour combination, the navy will add hints of sophistication, while the muted neutrals will soothe your space. The gray and blue living room colour combination will create a look of stormy ocean waves. Also, the monochromatic base of neutrals must be added in different textures and shapes. 

Fuchsia+ Raspberry+ Brown

Fuschia will add brightness to your room and add an energising feel to it. Also, the warm neutrals, like a medium latte on the rug and sofa, white walls, and dark brown furniture, are the perfect combination to give off this look. You can also use the frames and floor in dark browns. Richer tones like fuschia, raspberry, and pink will appear as grown-up and bold.

In the End

Picking the right colour combination for each of your rooms is crucial. It is no different for your living room. So, use this guide to pick the most trending colour combination and make your space just like you want it. The Home4us team wishes you the best of luck in your process to spruce up your living room and make it a place where you can create great memories with your loved ones.

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