High-Rise Vs Low-Rise Apartments: Decoding The Ultimate Apartment Debate

People often gaze up in awe at the seemingly giant apartment towers. Gazing up at these beautiful towers, a common question that comes to mind is- whether it is okay to buy a high rise apartment or they must invest in a low rise one. High rise vs low rise is a never-ending debate in the world of real estate, and if you are stuck with the same confusion, do not worry, as you are not alone. 

Buying or investing in real estate is a significant decision, and it becomes much more critical when purchasing a home for oneself. Several aspects need to be considered before finalising the 'one'. In the fast-moving world, apartments are gaining immense popularity due to their modern design and affordability. Another significant advantage of apartments that attract buyers to choose them over villas is that the societies offering apartments are well-maintained. However, even after deciding to buy an apartment, a buyer must look for numerous other factors. One of these factors is the floor for the apartment, and with this, the never-ending confusion of choosing between high rise and low rise apartments starts. 

Choosing the right floor of an apartment is much more than just the height of your living space. It is also about your priorities for your space, preferences and lifestyle. These apartment types have unique advantages, making one type suitable for some particular situations and the other for other conditions. However, they also have certain drawbacks, making them inappropriate for specific situations. Therefore, the winner of this debate for every individual can be different based on their preferences. Continue reading to know the 'one' for you as the Home4us experts evaluate the pros and cons of both apartments. 

What are high rise apartments?

As the name suggests, high rise apartments are multi-storey residential buildings with several floors. These buildings are characterised by their significant height. The number of floors required to call a residential building high-rise differs from country to country. For example, in the USA, a building with a minimum of seven stories is considered to be high-rise, and on the other hand, in India, high rise buildings start from four stories. These buildings have numerous floors, which can go up to even a hundred stories in some countries. 

High rise apartments are revolutionising the urban landscapes by imposing their presence that dominates the city skylines. These apartments benefit urban areas by accommodating numerous housing units utilising limited ground space. Their design uses concrete, steel and advanced engineering techniques to ensure high safety and structural stability. 

Advantages of high rise apartments

High rise apartments offer some significant advantages. Some of these advantages that attract home buyers are explained below. 

Spectacular views

One of these apartments' first and most evident benefits is that they offer unparalleled panoramic views. They provide a breathtaking skyline view above the city, creating a unique and captivating visual experience.

Urban convenience

These apartments are typically located in the heart of urban centres to offer an unmatched convenience to the residents. Their strategic location places them near offices, restaurants and shopping malls. This saves the time of residents who usually lead busy lives by making everything easily accessible.


High rise apartments are also known for their enhanced security as they typically have an advanced surveillance system, security personnel and controlled access points. This prevents unauthorised entry and allows the residents to live with peace of mind.


These apartments come with several luxurious amenities. They have amenities that offer a wholesome living experience to the residents, like rooftop terraces, communal spaces, swimming pools and fitness centres. These amenities improve the residents ' lives and offer them recreation, social interaction and relaxation opportunities.

Low maintenance

Another significant advantage of these apartments is that they demand minimum outdoor maintenance. Unlike single-family homes, they do not need lawn care, exterior repairs or landscaping. Hence, they allow the residents to live a hassle-free life.

Space efficiency

These structures are the most advantageous for urban settings as they accommodate numerous housing units on a small land area. They maximise land use by using the space efficiently, which is one of the most essential things in densely populated urban areas.

Disadvantages of high rise apartments

High rise apartments are not all goody-goody; they have some drawbacks, as listed below. 

Elevator dependency

The first disadvantage of these apartments is that the residents become entirely dependent on elevators, as using stairs for higher floors is impossible. In cases of power outages or lack of an appropriate number of elevators, significant inconvenience is caused.  

Limited outdoor space

These apartments do not have large outdoor spaces. They usually have small balconies. Also, accessing the society gardens from higher floors is not always convenient. This is a significant drawback for those who love gardening. 

Community disconnection

Another disadvantage of these apartments is that they might lead to isolation from social life. These living setups result in a lack of community and social interaction as residents do not usually interact with neighbours as they do in low rise apartments

What are low rise apartments?

Often known as low rise buildings, the low rise apartments are residential housing characterised by their modest height. These buildings also have multiple floors, like a high-rise one. However, the number of floors in these settings is much less. They are situated close to the ground, offering an intimate and community-oriented living environment. These complexes usually contain only two to three floors, with less number of apartments on each of these floors. 

One of the most crucial features defining these apartments is their architectural design, which prioritises horizontal space over vertical height. Their low height blends these structures well with the surrounding neighbourhood. This results in a more cohesive and compact structure. These living units are not only found in densely populated urban areas but also in suburban and rural areas. 

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Advantages of low rise apartments

Characterised by their short height or fewer floors as compared to high rise buildings, low rise apartments offer several advantages as listed below. 

Intimate atmosphere 

One of the first advantages that attract buyers to these apartments is that they offer a cosy environment. They create an intimate living atmosphere with their less number of housing units. As a result, residents have a stronger sense of community and familiarity with neighbours.

Lower elevator dependency

Although these buildings have high-quality elevators, using the stairs is a convenient option in emergencies or power outages. The fewer floors allow the residents to use the stairs instead of the elevators efficiently. For some residents who do not have time to exercise, using the stairs can also be a physical exercise, unlike in high rise buildings where using them is physically draining. 

Moderately populated

Unlike their competitor, low rise buildings do not have several housing units, resulting in a higher population. These buildings are moderately populated. As a result, they offer a peaceful living environment free from noise. They offer increased privacy as the common areas between the apartments are shared by fewer people.  Also Read - 7 Best Real Websites in India

Easy evacuation in fire cases

In a fire outburst, using an elevator to evacuate the buildings is not an option. This makes it difficult to evacuate the high-rise buildings. However, due to fewer floors, low rise buildings can be quickly evacuated by using the stairs. 

Easy to navigate

Navigating a particular apartment in these buildings is much easier than in ones with several housing units. It is beneficial for the residents and every visitor they have as they can easily find an address in these buildings due to the number of floors. 

Impressive architectural charm

Low rise apartments boast a unique architectural charm with features like balconies, ornate facades, and porches. They have a unique aesthetic appeal that offers a sense of character and warmth while making them visually appealing. These features make them a more comfortable and inviting space.

Disadvantages of low rise apartments

The advantages of low rise apartments are pretty impressive. However, these too have some disadvantages as follows. 

Limited view

One of the most notable cons of these apartments is that they offer a limited outdoor view. The neighbouring high-rise buildings easily obstruct the lower floors, providing a limited scenic view. This can be unpleasant for home buyers who need a picturesque view from their homes. Also Read - 8 Best Indoor Plants for House

Security concerns

It is no hidden fact that robberies happen even after tight security. Compared to high-rise buildings, low rise apartments are at a higher risk of break-ins. These apartments are at lower heights, making it easier for the intruders to enter. 

Limited natural light

Even after having ample outdoor space, the influx of natural light into these apartments might be limited. It is because they usually get obstructed by neighbouring buildings with more number of floors. 

Which floor to choose for an apartment?

High rise vs low rise is a never-ending debate. However, getting stuck between this debate and delaying your apartment-buying process is unnecessary. To know which floor will be the best for your lifestyle, evaluate all your expectations from your home and what living environment you prefer. If an intimate setting entices you, choose low rise buildings or an apartment on floors anywhere between two to three. However, if you like urban living with more incredible amenities, go for high rise buildings. 


Answering all individuals and declaring a winner between high rise and low rise apartments is not possible as every individual has a different need. As a result, one must evaluate all the aspects of both types of apartments to know which is the most suitable for them. Reading the advantages and disadvantages of each as given above will significantly help to make an appropriate decision. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes high-rise apartments more expensive?

The significant number of amenities offered in high rise buildings makes them more expensive.

Which is better- high-rise or low-rise apartment?

There is no one answer to this question. It depends on an individual's specific needs and the living environment they wish to live in. 

Is it safe to live in high-rise apartments?

When it comes to safety, high-rise apartments top the chart. Their high heights do not allow intruders to break in. 

Which floor is the best for an apartment?

If you wish to enjoy a scenic or clear skyline view, go for higher floors like the sixth or seventh floor. However, if accessibility is your top concern rather than view, go with lower floors. 

Do higher floors have better air quality?

 Yes, the air quality on higher floors is better than lower ones due to the lack of air pollution. 


Are high rise apartments safe for kids?

Although they are safe for kids, parents must take all necessary precautions and keep them away from balconies to prevent falls and severe injuries.

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